Letter from Mrs. Phyllis Nissel to MLK


Phyllis Nissel congratulates Dr. King for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. She remembers hearing his speech at the March on Washington and appreciates Dr. King's ability to represent the voices of so many.

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Letter from Mrs. Phyllis Nissel to MLK
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Congrats Dear Dr. King, [Stamp in Red Ink: JAN[uary] 11 1965] This is probably among the hundreds of congratulating notes you've received. I admire your speech last year at the "Washington March" (which we saw on Television). It is truely [truly] people like you who speak for so many, this country can be so proud of. Again my congratulation upon receiving the Nobel Prize Award which you must certainly deserve. A very Happy + Healthy Holiday Season. Respectfully, [Closing Signature: Mrs. Phyllis Nissel]
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