Letter from Napoleon Appleby to MLK


Napoleon Appleby offers praise and prayers to Dr. King.

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Letter from Napoleon Appleby to MLK
Sunday, January 21, 1968
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65 East 36 Place Chicago 53. Ill [Illinois] 60653 January 21 1968 Rev[erend] Martin Luther King. Hello how are you today [?] I am not felling [feeling] so well. But I thanks God spear [spared] me to be able to see 1968. Rev[erend] King [in] 1967 about 11:30 o'clock I need [kneeled] down my bed side trying to give the Lord all my thanks because I know the Lord. When I was sick he came to be on time. Rev[erend] King the first time I have seen you it was on T.V. you was make a speak [speech] on TV and you said you had a dream. Every [Ever] cent [since] then I said to the people the Lord have call[ed] you. Rev[erend] King I have pray[ed] for you and your wife. Every Sun[day] night I hear you on the air in the holy bible I try to read the best I can because I do believe in him. Rev[erend] King I know you know the Lord because (St. John Chapter 10. 14.V-to 18.V.) St. John Chapter 11 you see what Jesus did you us and you are telling us what to do in Jesus name. Rev[erend] King I thanks you from my heart and mine [mind]. To [two] year[s] ago I had a dream about you and myself I though [thought] you and me was on the road. So I am going to close saying somebody don't know the Lord but the Lord is blessing us Right know [now]. Rev[erend] King pray for me and I am praying for you and your wife. From your friend. [Closing Signature: Napoleon Appleby]
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