Letter from Oscar Seitz to MLK


Mr. Seitz expresses his appreciation for the efforts of Dr. King and the SCLC by enclosing a check to the organization.

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Letter from Oscar Seitz to MLK
Tuesday, June 6, 1967
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June 6, 1967 Dr. Martin Luther King SCLC. Director 334 Auburn Ave, N.E Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Dear Dr. King: In support of the work of SCLC, and in appreciation for your personal stand regarding our nation's policy [Underlined: in Vietnam,] I am enclosing a small check. As a long time supporter of the work of NAACP, I was recently distressed by the action of its board in regard to your witness concerning Vietnam. Yours sincerely, (REV) Oscar H Seitz Box 273 Gambier, Ohio 43022.
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