Letter from Patterson Charles Jr. to Dora McDonald


Patterson Charles, Jr. writes Dora McDonald asking for Dr. King's help regarding alleged racial discrimination in a legal matter.

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Letter from Patterson Charles Jr. to Dora McDonald
Tuesday, June 6, 1967
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[Inserted text:[Underlined: Help] [Stamp in red ink: JUN[E] 7 1967 237 Habersham St[reet] Savannah GA 6/6/67 Dear Mrs.[Missis] Dora I am writing you this letter at this time, that I hope you would understand that I am a poor colored man and that I have no help at all and you all is the only ones I no that I can ask for help. Now I have been tried on May the 23 and have been found guilty and they have gave me 30 years on the charges of robbery by force and robbery with an offensive weapon which they had no substanuly [substantial] evidence against me and I believe that you will look into my case and give me some consideration. I will be looking to hear from you all and again thank you all Yours Truly Patterson Charles Jr. [Junior]
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