Letter from Paul Yelter to MLK


Signed by twenty-one supporters, this letter requests that Dr. King make a public statement about his disapproval of the 1968 Olympic Boycott by American Negro athletes. The authors argue that the boycott will ruin a chance for Negro athletes to prove their equality to white athletes.

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Letter from Paul Yelter to MLK
Monday, December 11, 1967
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[Top Right Margin: Red Stamp: Dec[ember] 18 1967] [Underlined: First paragraph: First sentence: 1968 Olympic boycott] [Closing Signature: Brian Swagerty] [Closing Signature: Frank S. [MS: Illegible]] [Closing Signature: [MS: Illegible]] [Closing Signature: Karen [MS: Illegible]] [Closing Signature: Georgia Kiger] [Closing Signature: Teri Acker] [Closing Signature: Joan Gloawe] [Closing Signature: Kathy Dority] [Closing Signature: Marilyn Bucklee] [Closing Signature: [Lawrence?] Mcfall] [Closing Signature: Penny Fletcher] [Closing Signature: [Towa?] [MS: Illegible]] [Closing Signature: Marilyn W. Reynolds] [Closing Signature: William Allen] [Closing Signature: Denise Peters] [Closing Signature: Chris [Caliguri?] [Closing Signature: Paul Golding] [Closing Signature: Terry Buck] [Closing Signature: [MS: Illegible]] [Closing Signature: Kelly [MS: Illegible]]
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