Letter from Peggy Hutter to Mrs. King


A white college student writes to Mrs. King, expressing her condolences and shock after the death of Dr. King.

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Letter from Peggy Hutter to Mrs. King
Friday, April 5, 1968
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April 5, 1968 To whom it may concern, There is no way I can express to you my sincere sympathy and shock over the tragic death of Doctor Martin Luther King in a simple letter. I am a white college student who believes deeply in justice for the American negro. I am ashamed of the WASP americans who think of nothing but themselves. I know that [MS:illegibe] [there] is a minority of the black citizens who are causing disturbance in the streets and find only sympathy for their action and needs. I hope that the American citizens can join hands and work together for peace. What kind of country can this be if we must fight internally as well as externally? Maybe the tragic death of Dr. King willhelp people stop and analyze his teachings and put them to work. I hope that for our sake and the sake of our children people will wake up and start to with deepest sympathy and respect [Closing Signature: Peggy Hutton]
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