Letter from Perceel Lanfair to MLK


Perceel Lanfair informs Dr. King that she and her husband are looking for a larger apartment.

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Letter from Perceel Lanfair to MLK
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Pl 27639 1362 E[ast] 52nd Street Chicago, Ill[inois], 60615 Dear Rev[erend] King, My family + [and] I are very proud of what you and your staff are doing. And we wish you much more success. I don't know what your plans are for the So[uth] Side. I realize you are very busy. But Please would you or some of your aids look into this. My husband + [and] I have been in search of a larger apartment in our neighborhood, thru the search we looked at one apartment at 5309 So[out] Woodlawn 1st floor. They call it 5 1/2 room[s]. You may view it by calling Janitor at 7522196. It has been so called decorated. The Rental is $140.00 per month. The Reality is M. Lustbode Co[mpany]. 1640 E 55th St[reet]. MU 44222. I am sincere in writing. I don't want any publicity. Sincerely [Closing Signature: Perceel Lanfair]
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