Letter from Queen N. Lewis to Coretta Scott King



Queen N. Lewis reaches out to Mrs. King to inquire about an upcoming trip to Detroit, Michigan. She mentions that she is a member of a church congregation that donated $1000 to the cause and informs Coretta that there is more she would like to discuss with her at a later date.

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Letter from Queen N. Lewis to Coretta Scott King
Monday, April 16, 1956
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[Top right hand margin: 2456 Blaine Detroit 6, Mich[igan] April 16, 1956] Dear Coretta, It is certainly gratifying to know that one with whom you have so closely associated is taking such an active role in trying [to] promote human justice. Much can be done here also, as is true of many other states, to make for better race relationships but we can say things are better here than they are in the South. Will you accompany your husband to Detroit Friday? If you do be sure and let me know where you are staying as I would like to see you. My telephone number is Ty-6-4484. [Page 2] I know you are quite busy. If you don't come to Detroit, whenever you find time, write me and send me Edythe's address. I am a member of Second Baptist Church. We sent a contribution of $1,000 and our prayers to aid you in your fight. There are a number of things I would like to mention in this informal note but will wait to hear from you. May God continue to bless you and yours that you may continue the struggle which you have so nobely [nobly] begun. Sincerely, [Handwritten Signature: Queen N. Lewis]
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