Letter to Ralph Abernathy Offering Suggestions



A supporter of the civil rights movement writes this letter to Reverend Abernathy. It is suggested that the Negro leaders of the civil rights movement consider the voting power of senior citizens. In order to get "a massive single solid vote bloc" it would be advantageous to also include the poor population. With this amount of supporters, the writer believes it would be possible to sustain a presidential candidacy. The author continues by telling Abernathy of Russia's economic goal. Goals consist of using the brightest Russian minds to scientifically and technologically advance the structure of the country. The result will force America to "automate" and jobs will be replaced by machinery. Lastly, the writer speaks to the faulty educational system in America and deems the nation "totally unprepared."

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Letter to Ralph Abernathy Offering Suggestions
Tuesday, April 30, 1968
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April 30, 1968 Stamped in blue ink: May 3[,] 1968 Rev[erend] Ralph Abernathy Southern Christian Leadership Conference Atlanta, GA Dear Sir: In 1964 who elected Lyndon B[aines] Johnson and [Hubert] Humphrey giving them an overwhelming victory?. He had. [MS:Illegible] solid vote bloc of 24,000,000 senior citizens of all colors-Races and creeds?we voted for him to a man and woman of both parties-24,000,000 votes is a lot of votes to [solving?] what was the issue that united this massive solid vote Bloc??Medicare? Rev[erend] Abernathy?If the Negroes Civil Rights Leaders [MS:Illegible] get back of his plan-even if it meant marches of its elderly-etc, etc. If you could get this massive single solid vote Bloc in your corner you would have one of its most potent weapons at your command-and tie in all the poor-all its poor in America you would have a single vote bloc of votes running close to 40 million votes- [Page 2] Something to think about Think of it ?you could run your own candidate for president and win!!- If the Negro Civil Rights Leaders Don?t get something like this [back?] of [MS:Illegible]= they are sunk-[MS: Illegible] is sunk-Why?-Russia set a goal [MS: Illegible] leadership. [MS:Illegible] leadership by 1970-71-She set this goal in 1960-by-Bypassing [her?] [MS: Illegible] ?and used her Brightest minds to forge ahead in science-Technology-[Cybernetics?] Electric in [MS: Illegible] computers-artificial [MS: Illegible] systems-artificial [Intelligence?] and [MS: Illegible]?Russia is on schedule=and by 1970-71 will force America to automate-jabs. Will fade away like mist before the morning sun-Right now the Human Bodies can be replaced with [Crossed out: and] electric [Bodies?]- with artificial nervous systems with electric and problematic computers. Industries have found it more profitable to imply automated machines that can be written of in taxes than implying Human [MS: Illegible]-Human Bodies-[and?] workers- Now is the time to force its [problems?] in public [MS: Illegible] to pass SB 1056-H.R. 335 National Pension Bill-guaranteed income for all-or we will all be sunk-and you better Believe it- [Page 3] Should Russia force America to [Wholly?] and completely automate in 1970-71-our nation as a [MS: Illegible] IS FATALLY UNPREPARED TO MEET IT-our own educational system is practically worthless-[founders?] or concepts of 1912-[MS: Illegible] 1968-training children to fit into jobs that will not exist by the time they graduate- America?s entire educational system is practically useless and worthless it is not geared to the new age we are now in-From now on to exist in this new age it is going to demand [us?] Highest degree of intelligence to get by. Our intelligence [ones?] not come from educational-Information-or Books.-It must [Underlined: unfold] from [Circled:[wither?] each person? Our nation is flying from its dreadful disease of [Underlined: Ignorance] or [Underlined: darkness] So-what 3 organizations will suffer its [Underlined: most] when Russia forces us to [automate?]- 1st Labor Unions?2nd Politics?3rd Religions?so unless we get that guaranteed income now-our chance of getting it later may not materialize- When [automatism?] tasks over-we will all be equal?in poverty- Give it some thought-[forgive?] out [here?] to get that single vote bloc of 24,000,000 senior citizens and back of [MS: Illegible]!! [Then?] you [MS: Illegible] have a real weapon to make[MS: Illegible] sit [MS: Illegible]
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