Letter Regarding Politics



The author discusses political issues regrading the president and political parties. In addition, the author suggests that Black Power leaders should obtain positions within the "nut house" and the NAACP should support these appointments.

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Letter Regarding Politics
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[Page 1] [Stamped in red ink: AUG[ust] 7 1967] Did you hear in the news what Romney said about the president in playing politics with the racial riots. I don't think the president intended for it to be that way. [B]e-cause I think he is disappointed that the riots got so bad- never the less. I think the Democratic [Party] has went to far out [in] promising the Negro's things that they don't have the money to work with-and when them nuts gets out of control. They leave the problem of settling the riots to the Republicans so the Democrats won't loase[lose] the Negro votes. I think they should put some of them black power leaders in the nut house-That Brown [Page 2] fellow for one up there in Maryland. He said the Negroes out to burn America down-now just what good would that be to the Negro's. I think the NAACP ought to make some suggesting to the governors of the states to put people like that in the nut house-because they have followers that agrees with them on violent actions- if they'd do something with the black power extremist. [P]robably it would wake their followers up to the fact of [Illegible]. If the government was to rebuild the Negro slums with the White folk's tax money-They slop around in it, till it would be run down again in another few years.
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