Letter from Rene Golcochen to Mrs. King


Rene Golcochen offers condolences to Mrs. King following the death of Dr. King.

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Letter from Rene Golcochen to Mrs. King
Friday, April 5, 1968
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M.E.S.146. 106th Street and 1st Ave,. New York, 10024 New York April 5,1968 Dear Mrs. Martin Luther King, I feel just the way you do. I am very sorry of the death of Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was a great man. His dream might come true. I wish his dreams comes true. I know you love your husband very much. He made lots of great speeches. It doesn't matter what color you are black or white. You could still be friends. The world is sad because he died. I hope one day the war will stop in Vietnam. He was one of the famous man in the world. He is brave. The only thing Martin wanted was peace. His last words was "It's not how long you live but how you live". Sincerely, Rene' Golcochen
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