Letter from Resident of Dade County, Florida to MLK



An anonymous writer requests Dr. King's assistance for youth in the Juvenile Court System of Dade County, Florida.

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Letter from Resident of Dade County, Florida to MLK
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[Page 1] [Inserted in Parenthesis: 9-28-68 Received] Dear Mr. King, I want to request your help if possible for the unfortunate children that are at the mercy of the Juvenille Court in Dade County Florida and in all reason all over this country. People all over cry for justice for adults [Page 2] but no one cares what kind of justice of children get. Maybe if there could be a grupe [group] of interested citizens that would sit in on some of those hearings they could learn one of the causes for so much delinquency. [Page 3] They are brain washed by social workers cycologists [psychologists], judges and everyone remembers they have hearts and minds too. They can't speak whats in there (their) hearts I've been down there a couple times, and talked to some of those kids they need help now.
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