Letter from Rev. Robert Harrison and R. H. White


In this letter, Rev. Robert Harrison and R. H. White of the New Samaritan Baptist Church inform Dr. King that they are unable to send a donation immediately, but will take up a special donation to be sent as soon as possible.

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Monday, February 5, 1968
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New Samaritan Baptist Church 624 8th Street, N[orth] E[ast] Washington, D. C. 20002 Feb[ruary] 5, 1968 Southern Christian Leadership Conference 334 Auburn Avenue, N[orth] E[ast] Atlanta, Georgia 30303 [Stamp in Blue Ink: Received FEB[ruary] 8, 1968] Dear Reverend Martin L[uther] King Jr: In response to your letter of Feb[ruary] 1, 1968, we the social action committee of the New Samaritan Baptist Church deem it impossible to send a donation at this writing due to circumstances of which we have no control, but we plan to take a special offering on Sunday Feb[ruary] 18, 1968 and we will forward this contribution to S. C. L. C. [Southern Christian Leadership Committee] Very truly yours, [Closing Signature: Rev[erend] Robert Harrison, Pastor] [Closing Signature: R. H. White, Chairman of Social Action Committee]
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