Letter from Reverend V. W. Glanton to MLK


Reverend V. W. Glanton encloses a financial contribution to the SCLC after receiving communications about voter registration initiatives in the South.

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Letter from Reverend V. W. Glanton to MLK
Monday, February 6, 1967
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February 6, 1967 Southern Christian Leadership Conference Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. [Junior] President 332 Auburn Avenue N.E. [North East] Atlanta, Ga [Georgia] Dear Sirs; We have received the Communication for the ?Voter Registration,? throughout the South and the great need of support North and South to make this idea become a reality therefore, please find enclosed our check for $30.00 and be kind enough to receipt us for same. [Crossed out: D] Dr. King, would you be so kind to accredit this amount to the Empire Baptist State Convention when you receive their report, since we are a member of the Convention. I am yours with appreciation, Holly Unity Baptist Church [Closing signature: Reverend V. Virgil W. Glanton, Pastor Mrs. Misses Anita S. Milton Clerical Secretary
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