Letter from Robert L. Hartley to MLK


In this letter, SCLC member Robert Hartley asks Dr. King for assistance in getting released from jail.

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Letter from Robert L. Hartley to MLK
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[Stamp in Red Ink: NOV[ember] 4 1965 Rev[erend] Martin Luther King Jr. S. C. L. C. [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] Atlanta, Ga [Georgia] 650 PO Box 2718 1- 1- 65 Dear Sir; My name is Robert Louis Hartley, and I am a resident of Pensacola Fla [Florida]. I was born and raised in Montgomery Ala[bama]. I am a member of your organization and I participate in the Civil Rights march from Selman Ala[bama] to the Capital city Alabama Montgomery this year when miss [Luzzo?] met with that fatal accident. The reason Im in N[orth] C[arolina] is I was participating in the demonstrations in Plymouth N[orth] C[arolina]. I left there and came to Ashville here to pick up some Brothers and Sisters who are also active in the movement when I was arrested for drunk driving, (which is a lie) the Officer said my eyes were blood shot and droopy, and I looked like I was under the influence of alcohol. The next day was taken into court, and given eight months on the [MS: illegible] and they also took my car, and clothes. All this they did to me because I had a large photograph of you in my glove compartment. The judge also said he believed I was a agitator from the North, sent here by you to stir the black people up. I learnt from a colored attorney that I could be released for three hundred and fifty dollars. I have no relatives so will you be kind enough to get me out, or send a representative down there to talk to me, for its a shame the way they are mistreating our people here. Hoping to hear from you soon. I remain, [Closing Signature: Robert Louis Hartley] Robert Louis Hartley
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