Letter from Roger Threats to Mrs. King


Roger Threats, a student from New York City, offers his condolences to Mrs. King following Dr. King death. In the letter, Threats describes his own dream, which is an end to fighting.

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Letter from Roger Threats to Mrs. King
Friday, April 5, 1968
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MES 146m 106th street and 1st Ave [avenue] New York 10029 April 15, 1968 Dear Mrs. [Missis] Martin Luther King, We are all sorry what happened to your husband. But we hope the dream come true. We know that he was a very wonderful man, someday we hope that man and women will stop fighting, one day the dream will come true. And people will not fight again. We feel just like you feel. I hope they get the man [men] who shoot your husband. We all hope you feel better. Sincerely your Roger Threats.
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