Letter from Rose Mary to MLK



Seventh grader Rose Mary writes to Dr. King commending his efforts concerning "racial problems" and informing him of her admiration.

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Letter from Rose Mary to MLK
Wednesday, February 7, 1968
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[Page 1] [Inserted Text in right hand margin: 4845 S[outh?] Federal Chicago, Ill[inois] 60609 2-7-68] Dear Dr.[Doctor] King, I think the achievements that you have made concerning racial problems, and [Illegible] things are wonderful! Every time I see you on television I think about all the nice things that you have done for the the Negro race. I don't think there is another person who have achieved so much. Tell Mrs.[Missus] King and your kids hello: I think she is a very brave lady, also beautiful. I hope you will answer my letter, if you have that time. I know that the time I know that you are always very busy, but if you can possibly answer, please do so. [Page 2] From Your Admirer, Rose Mary A 7TH Grade Student
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