Letter from Ruth W. Carr to SCLC


Ruth W. Carr gives a donation of $350.00 on behalf of her late husband, Clarence Carr. Mrs. Carr explains that it was her husband wish before death to contribute to the work of the SCLC.

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Letter from Ruth W. Carr to SCLC
Wednesday, April 5, 1967
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April 5, 1967 Southern Christian Leadership Conference [Crossed Out: Atlanta] , Ga [Georgia] Gentlemen: - Enclosed is $350.00 in checks for the work headed by Martin Luther King, Jr. This was given as a memorial to my husband Clarence Carr (Rev[erend) who expressed this desire before his death. Always with continued interest and appreciation of this work. Sincerely yours, [Closing Signature: (Ms. Clarence) Ruth W. [Carr?]]
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