Letter from Sam Gasbarre to MLK



Sam Gasbarre, identifying himself as a white American, writes Dr. King to support his opinion that the Vietnam War is evil and should end.

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Letter from Sam Gasbarre to MLK
Monday, August 21, 1967
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[Stamped in red ink: AUG [UST]] [Top right hand margin: Aug [ust] 21 1967] Dr. [Doctor] Martin Luther King Southern Christian Leadership Conference Dear Dr.[Doctor] King, I watched you on T.V.[television] and agree with you about this evil war. I'm tired of this war and I feel we should get out. There are some that feel different because of greed and brain washed. We have some bad leaders here [who] [are] only concerned about there own interest. I feel the lives of our boys mean more, they who keep this war going are not [ivoled] involved with there [their] live so they don't care, it seems to me, we should stop making commitments and attend to our own affair. We have enough problem[s] here. I don't believe in riots but I feel people need help because most of them only worry. I am a white man and I feel any one thats [that's] against this war and wars should be President. Its [it's] not enough just going to church we must also be sincer [sincere] like your self. This war must ne over for the benefit of the [Page:2] country also. I feel we should only defend our self when were attacked and that hasent[hasn't] [ crossed out text: happy] happened. We should pull out regardless of our commitment. Ileast[At least] the[ they ] should negotiate for peace. Johnson does'?t he realize were loosing lives and people involved cant stand it. We must protest if it?s not over by September, and hard to show the government we mean business. My son put in for Compassionate Reasignment [reassignment] and none [non] violence when he was in the states and they still sent him over Vietnam, plus they have all the documents of my wifes[wife's] health and letter from the Dr. [Doctor] we are very unhappy and can't stand it. The best way for this war is for us to get out. I also like governor Romeny because he also knows its wrong for this war. Johnson is only worried about Johnson not of other lives. We have to [too] much wicked here and I feel no one has the right to take and force our son to do whats not right, I want my son home. Sincerily[Sincerely] [Handwritten signature: Sam Gasbarre]
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