Letter from Septima Clark to MLK


Ms. Clark writes Dr. King with excitement about her granddaughter's accomplishment as a tutor. After saving her earnings of $5.00 per week, Ms. Clark's granddaughter managed to purchase Dr. King a holiday gift complete with special wrapping.

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Letter from Septima Clark to MLK
Friday, December 22, 1967
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364 President St [Street] Charleston, S.C. [South Carolina] Dec[ember] 22, 1967. [Underlined: Monday] Dr. M.L. [Martin Luther] King Jr. 234 Sunset Ave[nue]. N.W. [North West] Atlanta, GA [Georgia]. 30314 Dear Dr. King: My grand daughter made her first money this year by tutoring two children two hours a day, five days a week. For that service she was paid $5.00 a week. She saved her money to buy Christmas gifts. The first person on the list was Dr. King. She very proudly told me that she paid an extra 30 [cents] to have your gift wrapped. It thrills me to know that one member of my family is in my camp. She recognizes a world renowned leader. She has made reports on three of your books and received excellent grades. She met and heard Mrs. King last summer now she is greatly influenced by Mrs. King's musical talent. Do have a Merry Yuletide [Closing Signature: Septima Clark]
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