Letter from Soma Ragir to MLK



Soma Ragir extends her support for Dr. King's planned Poor People's March on Washington, but expresses her desire for heightened political organization in order to elect black congressional members who can ultimately "reform our social system."

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Letter from Soma Ragir to MLK
Saturday, February 17, 1968
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[Page 1] [Inserted in Margin: Feb[ruary] 17 [Inserted in Margin: Dear Dr. King,] I have just received your letter suggesting a March of the poor on Washington. The reasons for the march are fine, but what will it accomplish? The days of effective mass non-violent demonstrations are over, look at Watts, and Newark and the favor of activity to [Underlined: do] something there, look at your own [MS: illegible] , Louisville Ken and Cleveland. What we need is more of your effective political organization to elect black congressmen- against the war but more important [Underlined: for] the reform of our social system. The poor cannot afford to march, although I am sure they can be convinced to go. Unemployment can only worsen as the war ends, we must elect men who have thought about revising our economy for peace- massive federal and local gov't [government] projects to employ those who wish to work and the retraining of hundreds of thousands [Page 2] to perform services, teaching, arts, physicians, [Inserted Above Text: salutations, ] etc. [Crossed Out: who will never have to work/] Most of the people performing these services will have to be federally supported either through [MS: illegible] to local governments or directly. Sorry to babble on in something which will probably never be read. Enclosed is my check for political organizing, but [Crossed Out: of] it can be used for what ever [Crossed Out: is most] you choose. Sincerely, [Closing Signature: Soma Ragir]
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