Letter from "A Southerner" to MLK


This letter, signed by, "A Southerner", suggests that Dr. King persuade Black people to return to Africa.

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Letter from "A Southerner" to MLK
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In the margin: August 67 Aug[ust] 7 1967 The idea, or suggestion, expressed in this letter may be a means of solving our National Problem as related to your people. Why don't you, as a national leader make an arrangement with an African Nation of your choosing to return your people to their homeland. In a short while you would become President of that country and a great leader among all of Africa. I do not think you would have any trouble in getting the migration money from Congress also {insert word here} to re-establish your people. You should give this much(underlined) thought(underlined). The white and the black are two different people and all the laws devised by man cannot change that. You now it and I know it. Politicians are only after your vote, do-gooders only to get on the payroll. A Southerner
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