Letter from Stacti L. Hourley to MLK


In this document, the Academic Vice President of Howard University requests an essay from Dr. King, on the occasion of his Gandhi Memorial Address. The writer further requests an autographed picture.

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Letter from Stacti L. Hourley to MLK
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Dear Dr. King, You may recall that I mentioned the matter of your participartion in the venture described in the accompanying letter on the occasion of your Gandhi Memorial Address. I certailony hope you will be able in light of your busy schedule] is expected. A brif summary of one of your masterful speeches would suffice. We hope that this will be a [prestige] book and feel that you would certainly want to be [represented?] I hope we can count on you. I am still looking forward to receiving my autographed pcture of you! Best wishes for a Happy Holiday [Stacti L. Hourley]
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