Letter from Stanley Slota to MLK


Stanley Slota writes Dr. King to acknowledge how proud he is of him and expresses his desire for more people to give back to the poor.

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Letter from Stanley Slota to MLK
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Mr Stanley Slota 4650 E[ast] 12th St[reet] Tucson, Arizona 83711. [Inserted text in margin: file] Dear Rev[erend] Dr. [Martin] Luther King Jr. I am a admire[r] of you. I have read about you in our paper. And I wish we had more people like you sir. That help the poor people in this country. Sir keep up the good work. Sir for give me for my bad writing. I am a handycapped [handicapped] man I had my eyes oprated [operated] on so for give [forgive] me. Dr. King I am a collector of autograp[h]ed pictures of famous people like you sir. I would like a picture of you sir. I hope you wont forget me. And once more keep up the good work. And may God bless you and your family. And know By By. Yours truly [Closing Signature: Mr. Stanley Slota]
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