Letter from Stephen Harris to MLK



Numerous riots have occurred at Marble Mountain Air Base in Vietnam due to mounting racial tensions. Stephen Harris, of the United States Marine Corps, writes to Dr. King and Stokely Carmichael addressing his frustration and the concerns of many Negro servicemen stationed there.

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Letter from Stephen Harris to MLK
Friday, January 19, 1968
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[Page 1] Jan[uary] 19, 1968 [Stamp in red ink: Jan[uary] 24,1968] Dear Sir; I'm a Negro Marine [United States Marine Corp] at Marble Mountain Air Base. About three miles southeast of Da Nang. I'm writting you bcause of the [Underlined: Racial Violence] here in Viet-Nam [Vietnam]. There has been two [Underlined: Riots] here in the last six months. They are asking us not to let it hit the [Underlined: papers]. But if something don't happend [does not happen] it will. Because I'm going to write Stokely Carmichael, Rev[erend] Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We have took all we are going to take. I'm not saying this for myself its a lot [of] Negro's that feel the same way. [Page 2] I know I will go to jail after this letter. Because every Negro who fight it. Gets hell after wards [afterwards]. Thank you for your time. Thank You [Closing Signature: Stephen Harris]
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