Letter from Stephen Sargent to Ralph David Abernathy


Stephen Sargent, a young student, writes to Rev. Ralph Abernathy on the day of Dr. King's funeral service. Stephen's letter mentions his enclosure of a check to the SCLC to assist in the cause for freedom.

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Letter from Stephen Sargent to Ralph David Abernathy
Monday, April 8, 1968
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April 9 Dear Reverend Abernathy, Enclosed please find my check to help you carry on your work which is so necessary to America. The amount is not muchhave much to give. I hope to be able to do more, both financially and by working in my own white community, to force this country to live up to its own exalted ideals. only this can atone for the quilt we all share having created the atmosphere in which a man like Dr. King could be so senselessly murdered. Yours truly, Stephen J. Sargent
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