Letter of Support from Vivian Gourevitch to MLK


Supporter Vivian Gourevitch writes Dr. King to stress her belief that "Black Power" is a dangerous slogan.

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Letter of Support from Vivian Gourevitch to MLK
Wednesday, July 27, 1966
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July 27, 1966 Dear Reverend King, I have listened carefully to your speeches and I want you to know that you have my wholehearted support. "Black power" is a dangerous slogan. It will rouse passions on both sides that will not wait upon a later "explanation' of what it really means. Many before in history have been misled by imagining that they could later control to their own ends passion that were aroused in this way. The force of the Civil Rights agreement lies in its justice and its godliness. There are, ultimately, no greater powers than these. To appeal to lesser emotions in men is to debase our cause, and finally to weaken it. Very sincerely, Vivian Gourevitch
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