Letter from a Supporter of MLK


An anonymous person pleads with Dr. King to not accept a rumored government job that was offered to him, in exchange of his plans to alleviate poverty.

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Letter from a Supporter of MLK
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Dear Dr. King, Rumor have it that you are going to be offered a high govt. [government] job. This will be done in an attempt to keep you from leading the war on poverty. Please lead the poor people. 1. We must narrow the gap between the poor and rich. 2. We must stop congress from wanting to hold the ?Status Quo?. 3. Automation [Underlined: Automation] is taking jobs. We must correct this. 4. We must have land reforms [Underlined: land reforms]. 5. We must build new plants in the U. S. A., NOT overseas where cheap labor is. 6. We must have peaceful dis-obedience until these things are accomplished. Please lead the poor and needy people from their plight. Please [Undelined: Please] A poor person
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