Letter from Tenant to MLK


A tenant from a "slum" building writes to Dr. King requesting help for the building in which she lives. Throughout the letter she lists several problems with the building and hopes that Dr. King can offer assistance.

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Letter from Tenant to MLK
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[Underlined text: Help] [Stamp in red ink received: Feb[rurary] 7 1968] Dear Martin L.[Luther] King I read all about the steam building of A.M Shavier real estate that you are having checked. I a [am?] tenant happen to live in one which was not even mentioned and is really a slum building and we have had fired from defective wiring which you should see plaster falling off the wall in Hallways. Garbage never empty but maybe once a week than we have to pay as much as $110 month plus lights and gas. This building at 3900 W. Glady should really be condemened [Condemn?] for we can not get heat half the time either. Hope you can help. A tenant. Give this building a helping hand Thank you
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