Letter from Thomas H. Rogers to MLK



On Race Relations Sunday, Thomas H. Rogers writes this letter to express his brotherhood and prayers for Dr. King. Emphasizing that one live a life acceptable to God, Rogers believes that God, not man, makes the only judgement. Though of a different race than Dr. King, Rogers sees Dr. King as his brother in Christ and encourages him to do God's biding.

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Letter from Thomas H. Rogers to MLK
Saturday, February 11, 1967
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[Top margin:Stamped in blue ink: FEB[ruary] 14 1968] [Top left: Rev.[erend] Martin Luther King Atlanta, Ga] [Top right: February 11, 1967 Thomas H. Rogers R.F.D. #5, Reid Drive Carrollton, Georgia] Dear Brother: This being the Sunday set aside by the Baptist as, Race Relations Sunday, I just had to write to let you know that you are very much in my prayers. Not only you but all the peoples of all races, but more especially you because I see you on television quite often and know more about your activities than most others. I am sure that since you are referred to as Reverend, that you are chosen of God to help win souls for him. I sometimes disagree with your ways of leading your people, but then who am I to judge what God has called you to do. Speaking of the word judge also reminds me that even though you are referred to as Reverend does not make you a judge of other peoples actions. I know you believe in prayer, so will you join me and thousands of others that God will direct us not in marches toward the Halls of Congress but toward the Gates of Heaven. Do you really want honor among men? or do we, when we face God in the day of judgement, want to be acceptable and fit for the Kingdom of Heaven? This earth is only a grounds to be used in preparation to meet God. Let us warn people of the wrath of God which is sure to come rather than to spend our time in telling people what man may or may not do. Like I said before I am no judge and have no desire to be. If God is leading you then do his biding. If he told me standing on my head before an audience would win souls for him, then you could rest assured I would do this. You certainly have many chances to witness for God to the may tremendous audience you stand before in the pulpit of some of the largest churches in this country. And my prayer for you is as it will always be. that is you will be a great soul winner for our Savior. Also that when you come before the judgment bar of God that the blood of some lost souls will not be on your hands. You noticed that I began my letter "Dear Brother." If you are a child of God then you are my brother in Christ. Even though we are different races, we will be alike when we reap heaven as our reward for good and faithful service to God. I would like to close with the last sentence from our Sunday School Book. "In every nation and among every race, those who truly worship God and order their lives accordingly are acceptable to him. That is my desire, that I will be acceptable. I ask your prayers for me and our little Country Church that we will do Gods will for our life and that we will be acceptable. Not before men but before God. An Admirer Thomas H. Rogers
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