Letter from Verinal Harris to MLK


Mrs. Verinal Harris pleads for the help of Dr. King regarding the brutal actions of the police against children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Letter from Verinal Harris to MLK
Monday, January 8, 1968
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Monday Jan[uary] 8th in Philadelphia Penna Dearest Rev[erend] King We need your support here in Philadelphia. Our children are being run down and beat up. By these policies here in Philadelphia Pa [Pennsylvania]. Please come and help. We want Frank Rizzo out Ricco he should consider more carefully how he handle peaceful demonstrations in the future. Rev[erend] King please come to Philadelphia we need you. [Closing Signature: Mrs. Verinal Harris] 5454 Norfolk Street Philadelphia Penn[sylvania] [Stamp in Blue Ink: Received JAN[uary] 15 1968]
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