Letter from Violet Panzram to MLK



In this letter, Ms. Panzram praises Dr. King for his "strong statements" against the Vietnam War and includes a contribution for his "peace efforts."

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Letter from Violet Panzram to MLK
Thursday, April 20, 1967
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April 20, 1967 Dear Dr. King, You have been in our "Hall of Fame" [Inserted Text: (FOURTH GRADE)] for many years but never have I held you in as high esteem as since your strong statements against the war in VietNam. Robert Bly and Galway Kinnnel, poets presented slides of children of VietNam on whom napalm has been used. How cruel and inhumane! [Page #2] Please use this sum for your peace efforts. I pray for you daily. Sincerely, Violet Panzram
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