Letter from W. A. F. Braem to MLK


Mr. Braem writes Dr. King emphasizing the importance of self-reliance. Braem list some issues that Civil Rights leaders should pay attention to such as education.

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Letter from W. A. F. Braem to MLK
Monday, December 4, 1967
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12/4/67 Dr. Martin Luther King Atlanta, Ga [Georgia] [Stamp in Green: Received DEC[ember] 6 1967] Dear Dr. King, Once more I heard the now very tired call by you for more demonstrations. Have you completely run out of ideas? Why be negative? Why not a mass movement to 1) Keep the kids in school (not out) 2) Clean up your own slum trash insofar as you can (neighborhood pride) 3) Work for improving schools where they are not [MS: illegible] town. 4) Neighborhood organizations to honor good local citizens (AB students, returning veterans, honorable old folks, people receiving promotions at work, etc!) 5) [Underlined: Self help!] [Closing Signature: MS: illegible]
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