Letter from Waltraud Feller to MLK



Waltraud Feller writes Dr. King requesting his autograph and any other information that he can provide.

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Letter from Waltraud Feller to MLK
Thursday, February 29, 1968
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[Page 1] 29. II. [Febuary?] [19]68 [Underlined: Dear Dr. King!] It's 30 years ago, that I learned English at school and I know that the address "dear" is not right, but I can't find another. Please, excuse! Since you received the NOBEL-Prize in 1964, many articles appeared in our newspapers and sometimes I saw you in television. My hobby are persons, who have gotten the Nobel prize and I collect all about them, articles, pictures, stamps, autographs...Now I should be very glad, to get [your] [Underlined: autograph with date] from you. [Page 2] Way it be possible? I wait anxious for a letter from Amerika! Your [Closing Signature: Waltraud Feller]
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