Letter from William M. Gray to Ralph Abernathy


William Gray offers his prayers and support as Rev. Abernathy takes over command of the SCLC following Dr. King's death.

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Letter from William M. Gray to Ralph Abernathy
Monday, April 8, 1968
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[Inserted Text: 4. 8. 68] Southern Christian Leadership Conference 332 Auburn Avenue N[orth] E[ast] Atlanta, Ga. Rev[erend] Dr. Ralph Abernathy: The wonderful and most powerful T. V. speech you made gave the world something to remember. As it is true that Dr. King's death [sadden?] the world, but you as a successor and head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, I pray and ask God to make you strong to do a wonderful job; you have my concern. Over the years I have received many letters from Dr. King and I am deeply sadden. [Underlined: Enclosed are copies I released here in New York in the honor of him & his organization. Please note the change of address.] Kindest Regards, [Closing Signature: MS: illegible]
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