Letter from Wilma Wolsink to MLK


Wilma Wolsink, an eleven-year-old girl from Holland, writes to Dr. King to express her support. She also requests an autographed photograph.

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Letter from Wilma Wolsink to MLK
Sunday, October 30, 1966
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[Stamp in red ink: Nov[ember] 16, 1966] Enschede - 30 - 10 - [19]66 Zondagmorgen Dear Mrs. and Mr. L[uther] King Here in Holland we often see you on T.V. (Television). We do like you and your striving . I'm an 11 years old girl and I'd like a [Underlined: photo(a signed one) for] my album. I hope you can find any time to send one to me. With kind regards: [Closing Signature: Wilma - Wolsink] mekkelholtsweg 101 [Underlined: Enschede.] Holland [Stamp in blue ink: Jan[uary] 30, 1968] [Bracketed: Wilma Wolsink Mekkelholtsweg 101 Enschede Holland.]
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