Letter from Yolinda Pelmore to MLK


Yolinda Pelmore, a young student, asks Dr. King how he became famous. The reading theme for her class prompted her to write.

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Letter from Yolinda Pelmore to MLK
Friday, December 8, 1967
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[Stamp in red ink:DEC[EMBER] 11 1967] J.Miller School Oakland, Calif. Dec. 8, 1967 Mr. [Mister] M.[Martin] L.[Luther] King Ebenezer Baptist Church 413 Auburn Ave. N.E., [North East] Atlanta Ga.[Georgia] 30312 Dear Sir, I am a young student in J. MIller School. In my class we are doing theme reading and our theme now is " The Negros History" or Integration. I would like very if you can would you please tell me how you and so many others became famous. Respectfully yours, [Closing signature: Yolinda Pelmore]
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