Dr. King quotes Paul Tillich’s “Systematic Theology” on man as the telos (purpose) of creation.

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[Page 1] [Inserted in Margin: Man] "In maintaining that the fulfillment of creation is the actualization of finite freedom, we affirm implicitly that man is the [Underlined: [telos?] of creation" Tillich, ST, I, 258 [Page 2] [Inserted in Margin: Man (Freedom)] Tillich makes it clear that freedom is the precious possession of man, one that distinguishes him from other beings. "Of no other being that is known can it be said that finite is actualized within it. In other beings there are [preformation?] of freedom, such as Gestalt and spontaneously, but the power [Page 2] of transcending the chain of stimulus and response by deliberation and decision is absent. No other being has a complete self and a complete world; no other being is aware of [MS: illegible] on the basis of an awareness of potential infinity." Tillich, ST, I, 258-
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