Man: Origin, Limitations and Freedom



Dr. King quotes Bible passages that explore the value of man, the limitations of man, the relationship between soul and body, and the origin of man.

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Man: Origin, Limitations and Freedom
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[Page 1] Man Freedom Of how much more value is man then a sheep..Matt[hew] 12:12 [Page 2] Man-Limitations Where is the wise man? Where is the...I Cor[inthians] 1:20 If any one imagines that he knows...I Cor[inthians] 8:2 What is your life? For you are a mist...James 4:14 [Page 3] Man-Soul and Body And my you spirit and soul and body...2 Thess [Thessalonians] 5:23 If there is a physical body, there is..I Cor[inthians] 15:44 Do not fear those who kill the body..Mt [Matthew] 10:28 Though our outer nature is wasting our inner..2 Cor[inthians] 4:16 -See Rom[ans] 8:1F (the [MS:illegible] dis of Spirit and Flesh) For as the body apart from the Spirit..James 2:26 [Page 4] Man-Origin The first man was from the earth..I Cor[inthians] 15:48 For man was not made from woman...I Cor[inthians] 11:8 [Page 5] Man: Origin, Limitations and Freedom 40
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