MLK Handwritten Draft Letter


Dr. King expresses his appreciation for the letter he received providing insights to an unknown problem.

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MLK Handwritten Draft Letter
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Dear Rev[Reverend] Lamon, Thank you for your letter [Crossed Out Text: of Nov[ember] 7] and open statement of Nov[ember] 7. I am not only appreciative of the time which you took to [Crossed Out Text: disclose yours and the fe] prepare the "open letter" but [Inserted Over Text: also] the quality of your insights. Such a letter is a great [Crossed Out Text: assistance] aid for myself and the rest of out staff in helping us to understand the problem from your viewpoint. I am truly grateful for such a worthwhile contribution toward reconciling the deep abyss of [Crossed Out Text: MS: illegible] bigotry and ignorance which has for too long separated our races. [Closing Signature: M[artin] L[uther] K[ing]
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