MLK Letter re Harvey Cox Book


Dr. King drafts a response to a request for permission to be quoted in Rev. Cox's book, God's Revolution and Man's Responsibility.

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MLK Letter re Harvey Cox Book
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Dear Miss Seeley, Form para #11 [Crossed out: concerning your request] It is my pleasure to answer affirmatively to [Inserted text: 1st sentence above ?to request?: your] request regarding the use of the quote indicated in your letter of April 27 in Harvey Cox?s book ?God?s Revolution and Man's Responsibility." Mr. Cox is [Crossed out: a very] one of the [Crossed out: leading [MS: illegible]] [Inserted text: 2nd sentence above 'most creative': Church's] most creative [Inserted text in left margin: contemporary] thinkers [Crossed out: in today in the area of social concern respect to the Christian's responsibility in social and political issues.] and I would be honored to be quoted in his book. I [Crossed out: hope] only hope that this letter is [Crossed out: in time] [Inserted text: 4th sentence above 'in time': not too] [Inserted text in left margin: late] to be of [Crossed out: some] assistance. [Closing Signature: M[artin] L[uther] K[ing]]
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