MLK Sermon Notes


Dr. King examines the contradictions in human nature in this handwritten draft of a sermon.

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MLK Sermon Notes
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It is a story of magnificent devotion and shameful degradation. There is a mixture in us. We know that there are dark unmanageable elements in us that we can't explain. We know how unexpected ugly feelings and unholy thoughts gush up from the unconscious depths of our nature. We are pleasant today, cross and downright mean tomorrow. "I was not myself", we say or "Something got into me". We are reasonable today, unreasonable tomorrow; we are generous today and stingy the next. We see this in our neighbors. There is a bit of the coward in the bravest man and a bit of the hero in the meanest. A bad man looks like a good man sometimes - when his body is sick; and a good man looks like a bad man sometimes when someone takes his parking place. There is always something in our enemy that we admire, and sometimes in our closest friends that we don't admire
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