MLK Sermon Outline


Dr. King prepares an Easter sermon entitled "Why Death Could Not Hold Him." He references scripture passage Acts 2: 24. The date and place of delivery for this sermon is unknown.

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MLK Sermon Outline
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[Inserted text in margin: Death couldn't hold him] Easter Sermon Acts 2:24 Moffett Why death could not hold him 1. His mind was to great for the grave 2. His love was to great for the grave 3. His character was to great for the grave Jesus was more powerful on the day of pentacost [Pentecost] after his death then he was in Jerusal[e]m on Palm Sunday The Life of Jesus is like a drama - see Enslin pp 274-370 3. Two Challenging questions [Bracket: can he be found in research] Can God Be known What think ye of Christ [Inserted in left margin: this sum[m]er] These are two questions which we all face as ministers We can know about God, but we can never know God.
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