MLK Speech Outline


This document contains a preliminary speech outline by Dr. King. The topic of the talk is "The Rising Tide of Racial Consciousness," and in it Dr. King maintains that, "We must continue to courageously challenge the system of segregation."

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MLK Speech Outline
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Introduction: I have been asked to speak this evening from the subject, "the Rising tide of racial consciousness." While I feel that a social scientist would be much more competent to interpret the emotion, the economics and the politics that have produced the tide of racial pride and self consciousness sweeping through the Negro group, I will seek to bring whatever limited insights I have to bare [sic] on this important theme. 1. We must continue to courageously challenge the system of segregation. 2. the Meaning of the [MS: illegible] [Crossed out: the Meaning of the] 2. We must make full and creative use of the freedom we already possess 3. We must be willing to suffer and sacrifice to achieve our freedom. 4.
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