MLK's Notes On the Influence of Radio



Dr. King records information regarding religious broadcasting. He list percentages of public influence, prize giveaways and other relevant historical details.

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MLK's Notes On the Influence of Radio
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[Page 1] [Underlined: The influence that the Radio has on People] Less than 1 hour- 26% From 1 to 3 hour[s]- 49% More than 3 hours- 25% The four major networks last year gave away $4,297,557 worth of values in quiz and prize programs. [Underlined: Radio The Fifth Estate]- Judith Waller [Underlined: Reid Crozer Queen?] Oct[ober] 1947 The first regular network program of the Catholic Church was in 1929. For 20 years the Catholic Hour has been in existence. [Page 2] The language of Broadcast Radio is a one dimensional medium. It is sound only. The radio [Crossed out: is so] program is what takes place in the mind of the hearers. Radio is a one dimensional medium-sound only For who do we write The people to who you speak is One must develop a simplicity of style. [Underlined: Radio Technique] starts quickly moves rapidly [Crossed out: stop quick] and effectively There are four types of vocabulary 1. speaking 2. writing 3. reading 4. hearing [Page 3] 1. Did it have a hook 2. Did it have a rift shout 3. Did the central idea make a difference (ie. if it were taken seriously would it make a difference.) 4. Did it have a pay off or climax 5. Did the sermon deal with a problem that it leads to a choice in contemporary living. 6. Was the development of it clear. 7. Did pictures come to your mind 8. Did the speaker have personal communication [Underlined: What Are the goals of Religious Radio] [Inserted text in left margin: Charles Schmitz] 1. It is to bring the gospel as good 2. It is to confess our faith in God and Jesus 3. To provide worship a supplying not a substitute for church worship. 4. [Crossed out: The] give a knowledge of the bible and an appreciation of it. 5. It should be Christ centered [Page 4] 6. [Crossed out: To] give a sense of reverence for the spiritual. 7. To reach the unchurched and the untouched. Syndn's Three goals of Radio 1. To provide emotional identification with the kind of person, history, community, and living, that men must find for himself and his fellow citizens today 2. To help people discover under sanctions for the good life and a world faith 3. To provide religious release and therapy.
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