MLK's Sermon Notes


Dr. King composed these notes in preparation for a sermon. The themes include faith, man's dealing with crisis, and "God's Search for Man."

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MLK's Sermon Notes
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Facing Catastrophe with Faith and courage (text - Therefore will not we fear, though the earth is removed, and though the mountain [underlined: eased away] into the midst of the sea...the Lord of Lasts is with us; the God of Jacob in our refuge." A Man So What He Proves The be in a Crisis (Grands: he took beef man violence and forgiveness all of his life. But the real quality of how life come in the great crisis when he would forgives a man who had assassinated him.) God is Search for Man 1 Kings 18:27 What is God doing during the long ago in which man was seeking him? Does he leave man to do all the seeking? That would be like the scene on Mount Carmel when the Priest of Beal could not get an answer from their God of Elijah kept lasting them with Satirical suggesting telling them to call a little louder, because their God might be about minded or even asleep. The point of much excellent strive was that the living and true God is not like that. (Use the Poem, the Hand of Heners)
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