MLK's Sermon Outline


Dr. King categorizes different types of Christians.

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MLK's Sermon Outline
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Kinds of Christian 1. Institutional Christians (solitary) 2. Intellectual Christians (and seekers of after religion) 3. There are experiential 4. There are inheritance Christians Going Forward by Going Back -- The Paradox Luke 2 : 45 [Line] "John is Arisen, even the John I Beheaded" Mark 6: 16. Good text on conscience. Series Of Sermons on Sin -- See theology II (notes [Line] Nathan's parab;e. -- II Samuel 11 and 12. The story of David's adultery is not written so much to show David's wicket [wicked], but to show the moral courage of Nathan. Nathan had the moral courage to stand out against the evil of King in the court. The story is Nathan centered rather than David centered.
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