Ordained by God



An anonymous author criticizes Dr. King for his proposed hypocrisy. The author contends that violence and law breaking are ungodly behaviors and therefore should not be associated with the peace movement that Dr. King endorses.

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Ordained by God
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[Page 1] If you are really an ordained man of God you are duty bound to spread the word of God. You are not ordained to encourage the disobedience of our laws and respect for them. To encourage your people to refuse to serve their country and defy our government is a monster of God. You are not allowed by God or our country to give your people the idea they are above the law, that the laws only apply to the white people, that they can attack police and firemen with gun and rocks, they can throw Molotov cocktail into automobiles, loot and burn to the ground the homes and stores of innocent people, making them paupers, wiped out of their life?s savings. If these crimes are part of the civil rights, why don?t you agree the white people have the same right to do these things to your people but it seems you think your people should not be punished regardless of their crimes. Do you even tell your people that looting, arson, and murder are against the laws of God and man, if you don?t then you should separate yourself from the work of God, for which you [Page 2] certainly [do?] disgrace, and for which you will have to answer to God whom you have so defiled. While you see no brutality in shooting, or beating or burning to death of white people, if a cop or civilian defends himself from death, you all scream "police brutality" isn?t brutality the same, regardless of who practices it? I suggest that you separate yourself from God and his works and stick to civil rights for your people [MS: illegible] brutality, looting, arson and murder, so your children and white children can have a chance to grow up free from constant rioting and brutality, of burning other people['s] property. It would be wrong for the white people to do it to your people, why do you consider it right for your people to do it to the white people[?]
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