Outline of Our God is Able



Dr. King outlines his sermon, "Our God is Able." He plans to explain the good and evil in humanity and ensures his audience that through all, "Our God is Able."

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Outline of Our God is Able
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Outline Our God is Able I. Introduction: At the center of the Christian faith is the connection that there is a God of power is the universe who is able to do exceedingly abundant things in our personal lives and sin the life of the world! This connection is stressed over and over again in both the old and New Testaments. Theologically, it is expressed in the doctrine of the omnipotence of God. The God, that we worship is not a weak God; He is not an incompetent God. He is able to beat back gigantic waves of opposition and bring low prodigious mountains of evil. The ringing cry of the christian faith is that God is able. materialism humanism (2) There are those who would seek to convince us that only man is able. (3) Forces that came us to [come to us?] to doubt the ableness of God. (4) A brief answer to the problem of evil- their will always be a [MS:illegible] of mystery surround God. What appears to be evil for the moment may have a purpose that our finite minds are [MS:illegible] of comprehending. II. God is able A. God is able to sustain the vast scope of the physical universe. 1. It is often hard to see things when we notice the spectacular advances of modern science. 2. Our Jet planes 3.With the russian astronaut dashing through outer space at a speed of 18,000 miles per hour and a possibility of reaching the moon soon, we begin to wonder if God is not being replaced by more in his position of master of the physical universe. 4. But before we go to far in our man centered arrogance, let us take a broad look at the universe. We will soon discern that our man made instrument are barely moving in comparison with the movement off the God created solar system. 5.Give examples of solar speed 6. When we notice all of this we must affirm anew that God is able. B. Let us notice again that God is able to subdue all the powers of evil. 1. [Crossed out text:MS:Illegible] has never denied the reality of evil. It has dismissed it neither as an error of the mortal mind or simply the absence of good. It is the presence of the force that has objective reality. Evil does not have the final word. 2. But there is a checkpoint in the universe God works through history. Evil carries the seed of it's own destruction. 3. The Hitler and the Muslim have their day but ultimate;y they are cut down. 4. Quote Victor Hugo, Arnold Toynbee 5. In our day we have seen an evil system called colonialism rise high. The same with segregation. These are not just sociological changes. They [MS:illegible] decaying system out of harmony with the moral [MS:illegible]. 6. [MS:Illegible] Of the moral universe is long, but it leans toward justice. 7. God is at work. Lewell is right "Truth" C. Let us notice finally that God is able to give us inner resources to confront the trials and difficulties of life. 1. We all have moments of difficulty. This we dont understand, an over quota of tears. 2. We begin to ask God why. 3. God give you the inner power to start up amid your problems. 4. May I close by mentioning a personal experience.
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