Outline for Why Does History Move?


Dr. King's sermon outline references Hegel and Marx in relation to questions surrounding the concept of history.

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Outline for Why Does History Move?
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Sermon [Inserted on outside of top left margin: 1] Why does History Move? Int. Why cant we freeze history. 1.Hegel- Absolute working toward Divine Consciousness 2. Marx- Internal contradictions of matter 3. Christianity- God moves History We always move [a]round the One, but we do not always fix our gaze upon it[.] We are lik a choir of singers standing round the conductor, who do not always sing in time, because their attention is limited to some external object. When they look at the conductor, they sing well and are really with him. So we always move [a]round the One. If we did not, we should dissolve and cease to be. But we do not always look around the One. When we do, we attain the end of our [existence?] and we no longer sing out of tune, but form in truth a divine choir about the One: Plotinus
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